Such Tools; Much HYPE!

Data Viz BUZZ

Such tools; Much HYPE!


With the term Data Visualization being thrown around the corner so casually and frequently, people have failed to realize the importance of this era-defining concept. Dear Data Visualization enthusiasts , WELCOME TO YOUR TAPE.

Try to imagine this. We produce about 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data everyday. This would fill 10 million blue-ray disks which if stacked vertically will be 4 times the height of Eiffel Tower. That is all for just one day. Multiply it by 365 and then by 10. The blue-ray stack could literally chart a path to moon and back within a decade. So much for rocket science and space research.

If you are reading this blog Sir/Maam, I am certain that you would have had some contribution (big or small, direct or indirect) in this data collection. And by God’s grace if you are in a position that partially or wholly relies on Data for decisions and everyday work then you must be understanding the gravity of this subject as well as the importance of Data Visualization.  It would take you a whole day to study and analyze a 30 by 30 table of data. Finding anomalies and outliers is yet again tiresome. Imagine doing this across millions of rows and columns of data. Hits you home, right? Even a lifetime is not enough. What to do then? This is where Data Visualization enters the stage.

Data Visualization has an arsenal of efficient tools that bend data according to the users will. Machines are obviously faster than humans (mostly) . So it quickly goes through the data set and plots a beautiful graph that correspond to the data in the dataset and aides you in looking for what you seek. Of course its not that simple as it seems while reading. There are multiple fazards of the tech world that work in the background to make this happen.

However simple or complicated the process may be, the truth is that its essential and significantly irreplaceable, especially in the domain of business. Some of the key benefits of using Data Visualization are:

  1. Store information in new and constructive way
  2. Visualize relationships and patterns between operational and business activities
  3. Get a hold of emerging trends (FAST)
  4. Bend data to obtain insights
  5. Foster a new business dialect

One of the biggest misconception that exists is that Data and its uses are limited to IT industry. Following list will broaden your horizon on the use of data:

  • Agriculture
  • Urban Transport
  • Waste Management
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Mining 
  • Economic Development
  • Telecom
  • Predicting and Understanding Crime
  • Education
  • Fire Service
  • Retail
  • Software
  • and many more……..

All this information  has been provided to relate to my point i.e. Data is on its way to omnipotence and will be there sooner than you might think. Its up to you to either be a part of it just be a spectator. The ball is in your court!!